OviO introduces Web3 elements to mobile gaming

OviO introduces Web3 elements to mobile gaming

The future of mobile gaming is going to undergo radical changes in the coming years. There are many opportunities ahead, and the technology ofBlockchain will likely play a crucial role. With its newly launched Google Play Store app, OviO introduces Web 3 elements to mobile gaming.

The continued growth of mobile gaming has been spectacular to behold. It is the largest amount of gaming related activities in the world. The convenience and accessibility of these mobile titles can be a factor in the success of the mobile titles. Players can download many games from the native app stores and have hours of fun.

These games are still a traditional model in which players can't control their in-game assets. With the introduction of Web 3 technology, that will change. Players can convert those assets into real-world money in the new era. It is a very different paradigm, although uptake of this technology remains slow.

The Android application is designed to speed things up. A similar version will be available for iOS in the coming months. The goal of the project is to bridge the gap between traditional mobile gaming titles and Web 3. Users have access to discounted in-game currencies that span multiple titles, as well as the ability to earn OviO credits to redeem across different titles.

There are over $175 billion of in-game currencies on the market today. The whole market is being traded without friction, according to OviO. Players can buy, sell, trade, and exchange assets that would otherwise hold no value outside the game. The unified platform will continue to grow as OviO forges more partnerships with developers, publishers, and other companies.

An extra alternative for people who are passionate about mobile gaming will be provided by OviO. It is a way to explore new games or access discounted currencies in games users may have wanted to explore for a while. Players are able to access a wide variety of titles, including Trial Xtreme 4 and Impossible Space. OviO has a potential, as it has 31% higher PPU and 27% higher ARPU.

OviO CEO and co-founder Nir Hauer said that the mission is to give gamers and cryptocurrencies the best experience with our universal gaming token, which can offer our communities the holy grail of interoperability and ownership of any game asset across all games, domains, chains, and categories. Our frictionless approach ensures that our community of gamers get the best experience from our games, not to mention exclusive in-game content, great discounts on game coin purchases, and better exchange rates for our most loyal users. The team behind OviO has decades of experience from major companies like 888, Microsoft, and SciPlay. There is a strong advisory board of industry veterans and Web 3 experts. OviO provides more options for gamers and developers, establishing a new foundation for the future of mobile gaming.