Quantum Economics, LitBit Finance partner to incubate and accelerate startups

Quantum Economics, LitBit Finance partner to incubate and accelerate startups

The research and analytics company, Quantum Economics, will partner with LitBit Finance to incubate and accelerate startups in the industry.

The two companies aim to combine their resources to identify new projects with significant potential and help them achieve their goals. The companies intend to make a real change in the space with the combination of knowledge, experience, and unique approach to the industry.

Quantum Economics is a financial analytics company that provides people with the data and resources to navigate the current economic landscape. With a team that includes financial advisors, administrators, and analysts, the team wants to increase financial literacy, especially as regards investments.

Both companies will work with startups to help with the initial development and scaling of their ideas. There will be a focus on tokenomics, public relations, funding, community management, marketing, and product development.

The founder of Quantum Economics, Mati Greenspan, said he was talking about the partnership.

Greenspan, a licensed portfolio trader in the European Union, said that.

LitBit Finance has a passion for identifying hidden gems among the plethora of projects in the saturatedBlockchain industry. The team is working on a platform for decentralization exchanges and incubation services on the Cronoa Network.

LitBit wants to give investors access to vetted projects with passionate professionals who will deliver their promises. This will solve the issue of accountability and quality that is currently lacking in the space.

LitBit intends to protect users by verifying every project information before granting support, and to limit the influence of large investors who dominate the industry.