Russian philosopher blames Nazi Ukrainian regime for daughter's murder

Russian philosopher blames Nazi Ukrainian regime for daughter's murder

Philosopher blames the Nazi Ukrainian regime for car bombing his daughter.

Russian philosopher Aleksandr Dugin has released a response to Saturday's car bombing outside Moscow, which may have targeted him but claimed the life of his daughter Darya. On Monday, Dugin blamed the Ukrainian government for the murder and said he wanted a military victory rather than revenge.

As you know, in a terrorist act by the Nazi Ukrainian regime, my daughter Darya was savagely murdered on August 20, while returning from the Tradition festival near Moscow, Dugin said in a statement released by his ally, conservative tycoon Konstantin Malofeyev.

Darya was a beautiful Orthodox girl, a patriot, a military correspondent, a TV expert, and a philosopher. Her speeches and reporting have always been profound, grounded and restrained. She never called for war or violence. She was a rising star at the beginning of her journey, wrote Dugin. Here the enemies of Russia were killed dishonorably, on the sly. Such acts of terrorism aim to break the will of Russians by targeting the best and most vulnerable among them, Dugin said, adding that the terrorists will not succeed. He said that his wish for simple revenge or retribution would be too petty and un-Russian.

Dugina was driving her father's Toyota SUV when it exploded, leading Russian authorities to suspect the bomb was meant for him. The FSB has identified the perpetrator as Ukrainian national Natalya Vovk, 43.

The Russian security service released a video showing Vovk entering the country as a brunette with Donetsk People's Republic license plates last month. She was accompanied by her teenage daughter whose surname was given as Shaban. Vovk was also registered as renting an apartment in the same Moscow building as Dugina, and leaving the country hurriedly on Sunday crossing into Estonia with Ukrainian license plates and her hair dyed blonde.

Vovk, under the surname Shaban, appeared on the list of Ukrainian national guard personnel that was published on the Russian internet in April. The doxx claimed she was associated with the Azov neo-Nazi regiment. Ukraine hasn't been involved in the bombing.