Stocks on Asian markets fall after property developers default

Stocks on Asian markets fall after property developers default

SYDNEY, NSW, Australia - Stocks on Asian markets retreated on Friday, although the Australian stock market made a modest gain.

The Australian All Ordinaries added 30,90 points or 0.40 percent to 7,777. 20.

The NikkeiNikkei 225 in Tokyo was down 182.80 points or 0.61 percent to 29,611. 57.

The Hang Seng in Hong Kong was still trading at the time of writing because of property developers defaulting on bond interest payments. The key index was down more than 200 points in late trading. The Shanghai Composite, while trading, was down 14 points, according to the mainland China.

The U.S. dollar perked up in the Asian session, adding to gains overnight, despite Treasury yields softening. The euro went up to 1.5529 around Sydney on Friday. The British pound went down to 1.349.1. The Swiss franc went up to 0.9126.

The Canadian dollar weakened to 1.2463. The New Zealand dollar dropped to 0.7086 as the Australian dollar was friendless at 0,7388, while the Australian dollar dropped to 0.7086.

The Nasdaq Composite rose 128.72 points or 0.81 percent to a new record closing high of 15,940 over night. 31.

Standard and Poor's 500 Stacked on 19.49 points or 0.42 percent to notch up a new record at 4,680. If you can see the news on the phone, you would get a 6 million dollars.

The Dow Jones industrials declined by 33.35 points or 0.09 percent to 36,124 on the other hand. 23.