The U.A. to switch weekend to Saturday and Sunday for government

The U.A. to switch weekend to Saturday and Sunday for government

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The United Arab Emirates will switch its weekend to Saturday and Sunday for government entities as it looks to bring itself more in line with the rest of the world.

The government said that it will adopt a 4 -- 1 2 day working week, with Friday being a holy day in Islam, which is a half day, from Jan. 1. Saudi Arabia and the UAE have a Sunday-Thursday working week. There was no more information on how the plan will affect the country's private sector.

The Gulf nation, including Abu Dhabi and Dubai, has recently taken several steps to open up its economy, including selling stakes in state-controlled companies. There are initiatives to boost liquidity and attract foreign investors, which are also being rolled out by the stock markets.

Nabil Alyousuf, chief executive of Dubai-based International Advisory Group, said that the UAE will be aligned with global markets and make it easier for international corporations to do business. This will increase the number of days we do business with the rest of the world, which will boost trade. Alyousuf believes that the private sector will eventually follow suit. None of the Fall of a Russian Cyberexecutive Who Went Against the Kremlin