United Health Interface UHI to go live this week

United Health Interface UHI to go live this week

The United Health Interface UHI, an open and interoperable IT network for digital health in India will go live this week, R S Sharma, CEO of the National Health Authority NHA, said on Tuesday.

Sharma said that we are putting UHI as a platform and inviting the entire community to contribute with their feedback.

We are working on it very fast and I believe that we will be as successful as United Payments Interface UPI UHI is in line with UPI. He said that UPI is a language of money transfer, similar to UHI is a set of protocols that are going to create a language of health service delivery.

Sharma said that India will be able to provide a speedy and interoperable system, because of the Cowin platform. He said that this will ensure that we can leverage digital health technology in a large way.

The NHA chief stressed that public-private partnership is necessary to ensure a robust healthcare system. The digitisation of health records is a bottleneck and we need to make sure that it becomes easy for doctors to inculcate digital habits. We are going to provide a number of tools and we are going to develop a number of tools in the near future, which will make it easy for doctors to go digital and productive. Under the National Digital Health Mission NDHM, the interface will allow public and private solutions and apps to be a part of the National Digital Health Ecosystem. The government says that it will allow users to search, book and avail necessary healthcare services, such as tele-consultations or laboratory tests. Only verified healthcare providers will be added to the ecosystem.

This is likely to spark a digital health tech revolution with innovations and various services for citizens. The government said healthcare infrastructure and human resources can be utilised in a more efficient manner across the nation.