US stops promise to launch its own inquiry into Russian genocide

US stops promise to launch its own inquiry into Russian genocide

The US has stopped promising to launch its own inquiry to determine whether Russian genocide was committed by Russia in Ukraine, but it says it will support international efforts to hold Russia accountable.

Our reporter Sean Rubinsztein-Dunlop and photographer Phil Hemingway spent a day in Bucha. Here is what Poland's president has described the war in Ukraine as a '' terrorism. Presidents of Lithuania, Poland, Latvia and Estonia visited Ukraine on Wednesday to show their support for the embattled country. They travelled to the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, and visited Borodyanka, one of the towns where evidence of atrocities was found after Russian troops withdrew, according to the Associated Press. Poland's Andrzej Duda described what is happening in Ukraine as terrorism. We know this history, Mr Duda said. Russia claimed more than 1000 Ukrainian troops surrendered in Mariupol.

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons says it is concerned about unconfirmed reports of chemical agent use in Mariupol.

More than 100,000 civilians remained in the city waiting to be evacuated, according to the mayor Mariupol.

Australia's first shipment of Bushmasters arrived in Ukraine.

Joe Biden referred to Russia's invasion of Ukraine as a genocide Ukrainian official rejects Russia's claims that Mariupol surrendered Russia claims 1,026 troops from the 36th Marine Brigade surrendered at a metals plant in Mariupol. According to official data from Ukraine's Defence Ministry and the General Staff, the battle over the sea port is still going on and we haven't heard anything like that, according to the advisor to Ukraine's Interior Minister, Vadym Denysenko. The Canadian Prime Minister says it is 'absolutely right' that the term 'genocide' is being used. Justin Trudeau has weighed in on growing calls to declare Russia's actions in Ukraine as genocide. More and more people are talking about the word 'genocide' in terms of what Russia is doing, and it's absolutely right, said Trudeau. The Associated Press reported that he went on to list a series of war crimes allegedly perpetrated by Russia forces under the direction of Vladimir Putin, including deliberate attacks on civilians and the use of sexual violence. Canada has sent police investigators to the International Criminal Court to help the International Criminal Court collect evidence to hold Putin and other Russian leaders accountable. Mr Macron said that he was not sure if the escalation of words serves our cause. The U.S. will support international efforts to hold Russia accountable, but hasn't promised to launch its own inquiry, according to Reuters. For the first time, the US president Joe Biden accused Russia of genocide. Ned Price, US State Department spokesman, said the country supports international lawyers trying to determine whether a legal threshold was met. It is the most effective means of achieving the ultimate goal of accountability, according to Price. I'm going to be taking you through live updates on the Ukraine war, thanks for joining our coverage.