West Express Ginga train to carry over 100 passengers from October

West Express Ginga train to carry over 100 passengers from October

On December 22, 2021, the West Express Ginga sightseeing train stops at JR Shingu Station on the Kisei Line in Shingu, Wakayama Prefecture. Masao Naoi WAKAYAMA West Japan Railway Co. JR West will run a sightseeing train from October to the West Express Ginga Galaxy, which connects the Kinan region of Wakayama Prefecture and Kyoto.

The train carried 3,000 passengers on the same route last year.

It was so popular that a lottery was used to select the riders.

The train will make 36 round trips between Kyoto and Shingu stations between October 3 and March 8.

An overnight service will leave Kyoto Station shortly after 9 p.m., while a daytime train will depart Shingu Station just before 10 a.m.

Like last year, the service will operate as a six-car train.

The overnight train will carry 85 passengers, while the daytime train will carry up to 101 passengers.

The passengers who were sitting in the train said they enjoyed the ocean view in the Kinan region from their seats last year.

More than doubled the number of seats facing the ocean for the upcoming season.

The train will stop at Kii-Tanabe StationTanabe Station in response to a request from the city of Tanabe, which is willing to welcome passengers.

Passengers will be treated to a wide range of local specialties in and outside the train.

On the platform at Wakayama Station, ramen noodles will be served.

Inside the train will be a train station with sightseeing guides and other services, while bento lunch boxes made with local ingredients will be sold on board.

There will also be an optional fee-based tour of a tuna auction at a market in Nachi-Katsuura in Wakayama Prefecture, which is home to one of the main tuna ports in Japan.

Tickets are sold at an exclusive website at https: www.jr-odekake.net railroad westexginga