Whipping is investigating reports of Tory MP watching porn in Commons

Whipping is investigating reports of Tory MP watching porn in Commons

A Conservative whip is investigating reports that a Tory frontbencher watched pornography on his phone in the Commons chamber, according to a statement from his office.

On Monday night, female Tory MPs sounded Chris Heaton-Harris to complain about sexism in parliament, with one alleging that a male colleague was watching pornography next to them in the House of Commons.

The group of about 12 to 14 female MPs shared their experiences of sexist behaviour among Tory male MPs, telling Heaton-Harris that something must be done. They also called for action against three cabinet ministers who are reportedly subject to inquiries about inappropriate sexual behaviour.

The MP who raised the issue did not name the male MP but there were reports that he was seen watching porn in both the chamber and a committee meeting.

A spokesman for the whips said that the chief whip is looking into this matter. This behaviour is unacceptable and action will be taken. It comes after an outcry about misogyny towards the Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner after the Mail on Sunday published claims from a Tory MP who accused her of crossing and uncrossing her legs, like the character played by Sharon Stone in the film Basic Instinct, to distract Boris Johnson at prime minister's questions. Rayner has hit out at the false claims.

Johnson was pressed about whether the Tories were taking sexual harassment seriously by Caroline Lucas, the Green MP, who asked in PMQs on Wednesday whether this was grounds for dismissal. Of course, he said that sexual harassment is intolerable and it is grounds for dismissal.

At the 2022 meeting of a group known as the female MPs, the female MPs demanded action against sexism in the Conservative party. Theresa May was present for part of the meeting.

The Sunday Times said last weekend that 56 MPs had been referred to the Independent Complaints and Grievance Service over sexual complaints, including three cabinet ministers and two shadow cabinet ministers.