Why employers can get their job verified through TrueCV

Why employers can get their job verified through TrueCV

New Delhi India January 15 ANI Heylin Spark TrueCV is India's first 360 verification portal and employment history repository system. It is a joint venture of VLS Sourcing Private Limited, one of the leading HR consulting firms for the Hospitality and IT Industry.

TrueCV offers modern-day solutions with a vision to streamline the recruitment process and help employers onboarding the candidates hassle-free. It's a one-stop destination to verify the candidate details, share the offer letter, and verify the documents. True CV is also an aggregation of verification agencies that let users choose their choice of agency through which they can get their details verified.

Kunwar Vaibhav Singh, CEO of TrueCV believes that necessity is the mother of invention. He says that remarkable solutions can be found with the amalgamation of technology and innovation. He is the Managing Director of VLS Sourcing Private Limited, a 7 year old recruitment consulting firm for the Hospitality and IT Industry. Kunwar Vaibhav Singh, a HR professional in India's Top Food and Retail Industry, understood the gap in onboarding the candidates, where employers find it hard to collect and verify the documents from the candidates and proceed with the onboarding process. Punam Pathania, co-founder of True CV who is the head of VLS Sourcing Pvt Ltd and takes care of IT Recruitment, says that many candidates don't join the organization even after taking the offer letter because there is no history maintained of the offer. TrueCV address this issue and help build a better relationship between employers and employees from the initial days. TrueCV allows employers to send offer letters through a simple offer letter template. The history is created in the candidate's profile after the candidate accepts it, which can be viewed by other employers on request. The employers can review employees on their profile page from their official ID. TrueCV is a simple process of document details submission that helps to get the verification done. With this app, anyone can get their employee or even their house help verified as aadhaar. The app helps in reducing crime. The police can upload the aadhaar number of fugitives who are on the run after crime on the secured server. If the person gets a job and gets verified through TrueCV, a notification will be sent to the police with the person's IP address and location.

TrueCV aims to help small business owners and MSME get their employees verified easily. TrueCV strives for excellence, with a mission to promote better verification and hassle-free onboarding process. This story was provided by Heylin Spark.