Boris Johnson’s business summit kicks off

Boris Johnson’s business summit kicks off

Some of what Sir Keir described as the biggest engagement with businesses in a decade took place behind closed doors, which was a sign of nervousness.

Access to the one Labour-supporting business figure told me that this is all about emphasising that we are a serious party of government. We have to ram home over and over again that we are serious about business. A Conservative-supporting attendee was less impressed with the content, but admired the organisation of the event - and reminded him of when former Tory Prime Minister David Cameron was on the cusp of power.

She said that the legislation hadn't made a huge difference because when working people have had enough, they decide to take industrial action. She suggested private businesses are likely to be more reasonable than the government.

She said there are plenty of ways to get jobs in Cumbria and the north of England. I don't think the mine will be open by the time of the next election. I'd be amazed if it was open. The party doesn't want to revisit the Brexit divisions of the past at the next election. But was the shadow chancellor - who opposed leaving the EU - telling businesses that economic growth would be higher outside the free-trade zone across the Channel?