Orkney postal strike disrupts supply

Orkney postal strike disrupts supply

She said thousands of pounds of sales of Orcadian food hampers were lost because of the postal strikes, which means perishable items can't be sent.

We made the decision to send them out in the first two weeks of December, but we're not guaranteeing Christmas delivery. We haven't been able to order the same quantity as other years because of this, as well as our suppliers.

This situation shows how important the Royal Mail is for Orkney. I don't think people realize how much the islands rely on the postal service. With the strikes coming up, our team has had to work hard to get as many parcels out as soon as possible in order to not let any of our customers down. He said they supported some of the reasons behind the strike, but he said it had the potential to be devastating for the business.

The CWU said staff wanted to pay a rise to match the cost of living and accused management of trying to force through thousands of compulsory redundancies.