Dr. Nader Maleki, CEO of INGLOSUS Foundation and International Bankers Forum discuss sustainability

Dr. Nader Maleki, CEO of INGLOSUS Foundation and International Bankers Forum discuss sustainability

Last month, the World Economic Forum held its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. During the event, organizations such as the INGLOSUS Foundation, chaired by Dr. Nader Maleki — CEO of Maleki Corporate Group and President of the International Bankers Forum, held gatherings nearby to support the message of sustainability at the annual meeting.

Benzinga spoke to Dr. Maleki about maintaining sustainable ecosystems with reliable energy sources and limited malnourishment, the theme of the INGLOSUS event.

Here is a lightly edited transcript of the conversation.

BZ: Nice to meet you in person. You are a big name in Europe and it is an honor to be speaking with you. Maleki: Naturally, I am an Iranian and came to Germany to study. After I finished my Ph.. We had a revolution in Iran and I waited to see what would happen. While waiting, I joined Deutsche Bank AG DB. I decided to live my whole life in Germany.

I was in the credit department. I moved to the bank's headquarters in Frankfurt where I worked in international finance and as a personal assistant.

I had to choose a job that I would like to do in surviving this job. My heart was always with communication and I suggested to the bank that they start a department. I co-managed the International Bankers Forum and was the head of this new department.

I left Deutsche Bank after setting up branches of the International Bankers Forum. They were thinking about setting up a new currency in Europe called the euro at the same time. I decided to organize the European Banking Congress at my own risk. Boris Yeltsin, the former president of Russia, and Anatoli Aleksandrovich Sobchak, the former mayor of St. Petersburg and the boss of Vladimir Putin helped make this endeavor a success. I was lucky to have Sobchak at the conference. This is like having President Joe Biden come to a conference. This was an important moment that resulted in sponsorship interests for many banks. The conference was founded 30 years ago.

What were some of the neatest interactions that came about in this endeavor?

I received a call from Bill Gates. I want to have Bill Gates, and I said that. The ambassador of Spain asked for an appointment. He came to me and asked me to give him a floor. Alan Greenspan was talking about at our conference.

I think sustainable finance should be used to reach the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Tell me a little bit about the organization of this event.

The INGLOSUS Foundation is a non-profit organization that is not allowed to make a profit. Nobody believed that I made a lot of money because I was very successful in my career and made a lot of money. Earning money was not a major goal of mine. I call the ideas or Melodies because I want to realize the source of my inspiration. I set up the INGLOSUS Foundation as a nonprofit to express my passions in a pure manner.

The theme of this year's World Economic Forum is Cooperation in a Fragmented World. This is a very difficult question. I think that will play an important role in the way that you have heard about cryptocurrencies.