5 simple steps to save iPhone battery

5 simple steps to save iPhone battery

Apple Inc. AAPL users: If your iPhone battery drains too quickly, here are five simple yet efficient tips that will keep your phone active for longer periods.

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According to the YouTuber, iPhone owners should follow these five steps to save their phone's battery:

Tip I: Head to Settings, go to Display Brightness and toggle the Dark Mode.

Tip II: Go to Accessibility, tap on Display Text Size and then toggle on Reduce White Point - the higher you take this percentage, the more battery you save.

Tip III: In Settings, go to Battery and tap Battery Health. After that, toggle on Optimize Battery Charging.

Tip IV: Stop force quitting your apps because iOS is optimized to handle background apps.

Tip V: Go to Settings, Privacy Security and scroll down to Tap on Analytics and Improvement. You can toggle every option on the page.

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