Croat president says Zeljko Komsic not a representative of the Croats

Croat president says Zeljko Komsic not a representative of the Croats

The President of Croatia, Zoran Milanovic, said yesterday after the meeting with the Chairperson of the BiH Presidency, ZeljkaCvijanovic, that Zeljko Komsic is not a representative of the Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina BiH who should have their own legitimate representative. Milanovic stated that the intervention of High Representative Christian Schmidt on election night did not solve the problem of Croats, which is the illegitimacy of their representation in the BiH Presidency.

The Dayton Agreement is the foundation of BiH and only evil can arise if it is tampered with, said Milanovic after meeting with the Chairperson of the Presidency of BiH, Zeljka Cvijanovic.

The Croatian president said that the meeting with Cvijanoviccomes is the right time and the right way. The relations with the previous presidency were not ideal during my term. It is time to open a new chapter. BiH as I see it, and it is a subject of international law based on Dayton. It is in the Croatian interest not to touch it. Only evil can come out of it if it is touched. This is not a perfect situation. The most important topic is stability in the region, peace, predictability, European path of BiH, if that country wants it, and I see that it wants it. One of the three constitutive nations in BiH, and not as some minorities, is the position of the Croats. The minorities in Croatia have a uniquely good status. He said that, so let it be, reports HRT.

He stated that the status of Croats in BiH is expected to be dignified, equal to the status of Bosniaks and Serbs.

I am ready to talk about this with anyone who shows a minimum of common sense and good intentions, and I see a little more common sense and good will in Mrs. Cvijanovic and her political circle in BiH. "Thank you again and welcome to Croatia," told