Dogecoin announces Dogecoin’s latest update

Dogecoin announces Dogecoin’s latest update

The update for the cryptocurrency was announced by Dogecoin DOGE USD developer Michi Lumin.

In a tweet on Thursday, Lumin said that there were many changes coming to the project, including support for QR codes, message signing and Windows builds. The upgrade will include language support for developers and non-developers.

Other updates include the ability for Libdoge coin to be ready-to build once loaded into MS Visual Studio on Windows and a way for developers to query a flag.

The upgrade also includes fixes for problems encountered while building on the meme asset, such as memory integrity checks, truncation fixes and length checks for edge cases.

Most of the doge coin holders are in profit, while 67% of Shiba Inu owners are underwater.

The anonymous trader Crypto Tony said that DOGE is gaining a lot of bullish momentum and appears well-positioned for a potential flip. The trader predicts that Doge coin will surge to $0.089 after bouncing off the $0.080 mark.

If the bulls manage to take out this level, we have some solid gains to come and likely another solid meme coin run, according to Crypto Tony.

In the last seven days, the price of DOGE was trading at $0.07505, down 4%.

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