World's most powerful passports

World's most powerful passports

The World's passports are ranked every year based on their power.

And Australia's might just get more powerful, he said.

Henley Partners, a global citizen assistance firm, unveiled the list for 2023, and there's been a big shake-up in the number-one spot.

The Henley Passport Index tracks the number of places people with these passports can access without a visa.

The total list also includes nations that require passport holders to obtain a visa upon arrival, a visitor's permit or an electronic travel authority.

Henley Partners based its ranking on 227 locations, which includes countries and areas that are not officially classified as countries, such as Taiwan.

However, it has 199 passports in circulation, making it one of only 199 passports in the world.

The index was composed by the agency using exclusive data from the International Air Transport Association.

Who has the most powerful passport in the world?

Japan held the top spot for five years.

Singapore has now dethroned it, with its passportholders receiving visa-free access to 192 countries.

The last time the South East Asian city-state held the crown was in 2021, but lost it to Japan the following year.

Germany, Italy and Spain tied for second place, each having access to 190 destinations.

Japan ranked third with 189 destinations, including France, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Luxembourg, and South Korea.

In 2014, the United States ranked No. 1 on the list, but dropped to 8th, its lowest position ever.

Australia has climbed to 6th from 8th in the world rankings, compared to China's 8th place.

Passholders can travel to 186 destinations without a visa, or where they're able to obtain a visa, visitor's permit, or an electronic travel authority ETA upon arrival.

Since the index was created in 2006, the lowest Australia has fallen to 9th in 2019, 2010 and 2006, the lowest in the history of the index.

In 2015, 2013 and 2012, Australia's highest ranking has been 6th.

With a visa-free admission score of just 27, Afghanistan remains at the bottom of the index.

Iraq at 29 and Syria at 30 the three weakest passports in the world.

Those citizens in those countries have fewer travel options if they want to avoid encountering blocks or paperwork.

The countries are divided into four categories, including visa-free travel, visa-free travel, visas on arrival, electronic travel authority and visa required.

Tap each of the cards to see which destinations fall into those categories.

Visa information, placenames, and country categories have been replicated as they were listed in Henley Partners data.

The R Series passport was introduced in February of this year by the Australian Passport Office.

The transition to the R Series is essential now to ensure the safety of Australians' identity to the highest possible standards, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said.

DFAT also said the transition has been planned since 2015, but said it would not take place until the end of the year.

To thwart document fraud, we must regularly upgrade the Australian passports' security features. Since 2014, Australia's P Series passport has been in use.

The new passport will remain a highly secure travel document until it expires, DFAT said.

Some airlines and foreign governments require visaholders to carry passports with at least six months' validity beyond their planned stay.

If you're planning to visit a country, you should check the admission requirements of that country before traveling there.

What is the waiting time for passports?

If you are applying for a passport this year, beware of potential delays.

A minimum of six weeks to get a new passport, according to DFAT, is sufficient for a new passport to be issued in Australia or overseas.

In August 2022, about 40,000 Australians had not received their passports after six weeks, the government said in a statement.

DFAT blamed the delays on an unprecedented demand after 1.8 million Australians chose not to renew their passports while international borders were closed.

But the government said it would not increase wait times for the introduction of the new R Series passport.