5 rescued from flooded Mexican mine

5 rescued from flooded Mexican mine

The incident occurred Wednesday afternoon when miners encountered an abandoned tunnel with water that flooded the mine, authorities said.

Rescuers managed to extract five people from the mine on Wednesday and are now working to pump water out of the flooded area, according to Laura Velazquez, National Coordinator of Civil Protection.

We have not slept, we are working day and night, uninterrupted," said Velazquez on Thursday.

She said that we are strategically putting pumps in each of these wells to be able to extract the greatest amount of water and have immediate access to the mines and rescue the miners as soon as possible.

Six special forces divers joined the rescue operations early on Thursday morning, General Agustin Radilla said. As of yet, there has been no update on their findings. The water is rising, they say. "I want my husband to come out all right," said Erika Escobedo, the wife of one trapped miner, to the news agency. She told the news agency she had spent all night watching rescue efforts at the site. Governor Miguel Riquelme, of Coahuila and Zaragoza state, traveled to Sabinas on Thursday to visit the mine. Five water extraction pumps with 150 horsepower are currently working and other submersible pumps are being installed, which are being sent by companies in the region and thus continue with the rescue efforts, he wrote on Twitter. Mexican soldiers do rescue work at the coal mine. Sabinas is no stranger to mining tragedies. In 2006, an explosion in a local mine killed 65 people. In 2011 there were 14 miners trapped and confirmed dead after a mine blast in Sabinas. The mine where the ten are currently trapped began operations in January, and does not have a history of complaints for any kind of anomaly, according to a statement released by Mexico's Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said in his daily press briefing on Thursday that the mine's investigation would only come after the rescue operation had concluded. We are leaving the permits, the inspections, everything and everything that we are leaving until after. He said that we already have the basic information.