Hillary Clinton Lauds Bulgaria's Leadership in Women's Representation

Hillary Clinton Lauds Bulgaria's Leadership in Women's Representation

Hillary Clinton Praises Bulgaria's Progress on Women's Representation

In a visit to Sofia, Bulgaria, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton commended the country's achievements in women's representation, both in parliament and in high-ranking corporate positions. Clinton made these remarks during a special meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, a forum dedicated to finding solutions for women's economic advancement.

Clinton acknowledged Bulgaria's progress, stating that the country surpasses many others globally in terms of female representation in both political and corporate spheres. She highlighted this as a positive example during the forum, which brought together global leaders from various sectors to discuss ways to support women's economic empowerment.

The forum also welcomed prominent guests such as Kosovo's President Vjosa Osmani and Cherie Blair, wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Clinton emphasized the forum's crucial role in supporting young women's access to education worldwide. She also addressed the persistent gender pay gap, noting that women globally earn 24% less than men for the same work. Additionally, she pointed out the underrepresentation of women in senior management positions.

The Sofia meeting served as a platform for forging new partnerships ahead of the Clinton Global Initiative's Annual Meeting in New York, scheduled for September 23rd and 24th.