Aclara Research reveals the habits of cannabis users

Aclara Research reveals the habits of cannabis users

Aclara Research, a cannabis and wellness trends consulting firm, released its results from a year-long study on cannabis and CBD usage habits among consumers. The company partnered with Ipsos, a global research and polling company, to provide a syndicated segmentation study of 1,000 consumers to capture the role of cannabis and CBD in Americans evolving approach to mental and physical well-being.

Aclara then continued to develop the Cannabis Occasion Diaries a longitudinal study of 3,000 people capturing over 10,0000 times to determine how, why, and where cannabis and CBD are chosen, and what products they are replacing.

As consumers expand their view of physical and mental wellness, cannabis and CBD can be used as multidimensional tools to satisfy different needs across social engagement, symptom management and overall wellness, said Carmen Brace, founder of Aclara Research. Consumers are viewed as healthier and more effective because of the use of traditional products in favor of CBD and cannabis. Legacy users that have consumed for 5 years are the most valuable consumer segment.

Consumers are using products on solo and group occasions, and how these behaviors affect product innovation, marketing and loyalty.