Apple hires new engineer for its HomePod smart speaker

Apple hires new engineer for its HomePod smart speaker

- Apple Inc. hired a new engineer to lead software efforts for its HomePod smart speaker, expected to turn the product into a bigger hit.

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What is Front line of the U.S.? The iPhone maker is enlisting Afrooz Family to lead the work, according to people with knowledge of the matter. Family worked at Apple from 2012 to 2016 before leaving to co-found the audio startup Syng with former Apple industrial designer Christopher Stringer. The family left a startup earlier in the year after helping develop the company's product, the Cell Alpha.

Google is looking at cheaper selling smart speaker from Inc. and Inc. was the better choice. Alexa, equipped with the Amazon Echo that dominates the industry, is currently dominating the market. Users rely on the product to do things like play music, answer questions and set alarms.

Jason Harrison, who has directed HomePod software, left Airbnb Inc. last year for Apple in Apple. The original homePod, which sold at $349 in 2018 was discontinued and sold earlier this year. In the Fall of last year, Apple revisited the concept with the $99 HomePod mini.

That device hasn't become a big hit for Apple but it has helped improve the company s overall speakers sales. Still, Amazon and Google haven't made any major inroads against portable devices, according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners.

Syng has had its own struggles. The startup developed its speaker as a high-end alternative to the HomePod, which cost $1,800. It provides what the startup called Triphonic sound - Audio by three different directions. The device is a challenge to develop and manufacture, but its price makes it more of a niche product.

How will Apple develop all the new HomePod mini features?

Family has plenty of experience with smart speakers. Prior to Syng, he was an audio engineer at Apple and worked on the original HomePod.

The HomePod software update is normally handled by Apple at an annual time, along with its notable iPhone and iPad software updates. How does Apple TV combine with the HomePod software update? The company also shaken up the product management several months ago when it combined the HomePod and Apple TV software teams into a single group reporting to iTunes creator Jeff Robbin.

Eventually, Apple plans to merge its HomePod and Apple TV hardware. The company is working on an Apple TV, HomePod and FaceTime camera for a combined launch as early as 2023, Bloomberg News reports has reported.

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