House Intelligence Committee members blast Trump over Mar-a-Lago documents

House Intelligence Committee members blast Trump over Mar-a-Lago documents

The Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have just offered some of the party's first comments since last night s report that Trump may have kept documents with details of nuclear weapons at Mar-a-Lago.

The Washington Post's story hasn't changed their view of the former president, according to the sounds of it.

President Donald Trump is the most likely opponent of his political opponent in 2024 and is less than 100 days from critical midterm elections. The FBI raid on President Trump is a complete abuse and overreach of its authority, said Elise Stefanik, the number-three House Republican.

She and other lawmakers invoked old controversies such as the Hillary Clinton email scandal and Trump snooping FBI chief James Comey, as well as recent matters such as Hunter Biden's business dealings to make the case that the bureau has a credibility issue.

The American people are smart, and they have had enough. Stefanik said that there was a fundamental lack of trust in these agencies, and the American people deserve answers. A House Republican majority will leave no stone unturned when it comes to transparency and accountability into the brazen politicization of Joe Biden's DOJ and FBI targeting their political opponents. As to the report on nuclear weapons found at Mar-a-Lago, Mike Turner, the top Republican on the House intelligence committee, called for attorney general Merrick Garland to make public the rationale for the raid.

I am asking the same questions, and if there are rational answers for it, then he needs to come to the committee, disclose what the classified information is, and disclose what the national security threat is, so that we know, Turner said.