Japan extends preferential treatment for Myanmar people

Japan extends preferential treatment for Myanmar people

The immigration services agency agreed on April 15 to allow people of Myanmar to stay in Japan longer because of the destabilized security situation in their homeland.

Since May 2021, the agency has applied to preferential treatment for people as an emergency measure following the coup in Myanmar in February of this year.

The agency said the measures were reviewed because the situation in Myanmar hasn't been improved.

The agency said those who have stayed in Japan around the coup and want to stay but their visa has expired are mainly eligible for the preferential measures.

They have been granted to around 4,600 Myanmar's people by March this year, allowing them to work for six months.

The stay period will be extended to a year to allow them to have a more secure life in Japan.

The number of Myanmar's people who received refugee status in 2021 was 32, according to the agency.

The agency concluded that they were subject to a lot of persecution if they returned to Myanmar.

The figure was a significant jump from the previous year, when the number was zero.