Russia warns West against pumping up Ukraine with weapons

Russia warns West against pumping up Ukraine with weapons

Moscow has said that Russia will make Russian forces perform more missions on the ground by pumping up Ukraine with weapons.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned the West that continuing to supply Ukraine with advanced weaponry will only prolong the conflict in the eastern European country.

The veteran diplomat stated at a press conference on Tuesday that the position of the West regarding Ukraine is absolutely counterproductive and harmful. He said that if you pump up Ukraine with Western weapons, Russia will perform more missions on the ground.

The longer the conflict will last, the more weapons are pumped into Ukraine, the more weapons are pumped into Ukraine, the longer the agony of the Nazi regime, supported by Western capitals, will last, Lavrov said, referring to accusations from Ukrainian and Western politicians relating to a shopping mall in Kremenchug, which was allegedly hit by Russian forces on Monday.

According to Lavrov, the Russian Defense Ministry had previously stated that the military targeted a hangar with American and European weapons and ammunition. The foreign minister stressed that the detonations that resulted in fire to the mall were empty.

Around 1,000 people were inside the building, according to Kiev. An assertion that isn't supported by the available video evidence.

The longer weapons supplied are intended to prolong the conflict, prolong the suffering of civilians who are constantly being bombarded by the Ukrainian neo-Nazi movement, and the more missions we will perform on the ground, Lavrov said.

He stated that these missions will be completed. Lavrov said as the G 7 leaders agreed to continue supporting Ukraine, militarily and financially, for as long as it takes.