Singapore tourism potential remains strong, says Transport Minister

Singapore tourism potential remains strong, says Transport Minister

DAVOS, Switzerland : A long-term growth potential for Singapore s tourism industry remains due to pent up demand among consumers for travel, according to Transport Minister S Iswaran on Monday. According to Transport Minister S Iswaran, passenger traffic at Changi Airport has already picked up to almost 50 per cent of pre-pandemic volumes.

He stated that this was much faster than the authorities had predicted, he said during a panel session at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

He said that expectations would have to be rebalanced due to the stronger growth momentum.

The resource constraints and manpower issues are also going to bite, and this means that it's going to be a big deal. It is one thing to say, I am going to increase capacity by 50 per cent, but you can't just flick the switch. You have to bring back the people, you need to get them trained, you have to get your processes running, said Mr Iswaran.

Singapore needs to ramp up and keep up with the capacity needs, as a result.

The systems are not able to keep up with the operational needs in airports around the world. He said that's quite evident looking at the crunches in various airports.