U.S. playing with fire around Taiwan, says Putin's mouthpiece

U.S. playing with fire around Taiwan, says Putin's mouthpiece

The Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov - Vladimir Putin'sPutin's mouthpiece - reiterated Chinese President Xi Jinping's warning as he invoked the Taiwan issue at the UN General Assembly in New York.

What Happened: Lavrov said that the U.S. was playing with fire around Taiwan while China was trying for peaceful reunification with the self-governed island nation.

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They are playing with fire around Taiwan. They're promising military support to Taiwan, according to Lavrov.

In a 24 minute speech, he mocked the West as the self-proclaimed masters of the world and said the U.S. is trying to subjugate and divide Asia in the name of its Indo-Pacific strategy.

The West is introducing dividing lines along the lines of confrontation with blocs. There is no third option. There are no compromises, Lavrov said.

Why It's important that Putin has supported China over Taiwan and has condemned the Biden administration's support for the self-ruled island.

Putin said last week that we intend to adhere to the principle of One China during the 2022 Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit. He said that the United States and its satellites were not happy with the provocations in the Taiwan Strait.

U.S. President Joe Biden said last week he would intervene militarily to defend Taiwan from a Chinese attack. Biden's statement drew a harsh reaction from China, which said the U.S. was sending the wrong signal to those seeking Taiwan's independence, where it claims sovereignty.

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