Yellen calls for passage of $1 trillion infrastructure bill

Yellen calls for passage of $1 trillion infrastructure bill

In Atlanta, U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen traveled to ATLANTA on Wednesday to call for passage of the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, saying it would help reverse wage and racial inequalities and start to combat climate change.

Yellen called the bill, now discussed by the city of Atlanta in the U.S. Senate in excerpts of remarks to be delivered at the City of Atlanta, in excerpts from remarks to be delivered at the economic development authority, the largest infrastructure investment since the construction of the interstate highway system began in the 1950's under the Eisenhower administration.

In establishing the funding for transit and road projects, she said more people can reach communities that are growing and help grow communities that are not, said Goetz.

Investing in a half a million electric vehicle charging stations will accelerate a transition to a greener, more resilient economy, she said.

New Jersey Rep. Joe Biden said that Congress needs to push ahead with more appropriations in Yellen's American Families Plan, including stronger access to education and child care, a permanent expanded child tax credit, more affordable housing and healthcare improvements.

Democrats will pursue these as part of a $3.5 trillion spending package under budget reconciliation rules requiring only a simple majority in the Senate - allowing the party to potentially approve it without Republican support.

Yellen called such investments just good economic policy, adding: My largest concern is not: What are the risks when we make these big investment? If investors make such investments, it will help the United States remain the world's foremost economic power.

We have a chance now to build the broken foundations of our economy and repairs, on top of this, to build something even richer and stronger than what came before.