New study finds that marijuana consumption is on the rise

New study finds that marijuana consumption is on the rise

In the past, marijuana was considered a taboo topic in the U.S., but now it's a thing of the past.

The perception of cannabis has changed, as revealed by a new study titled cannabis Consumers in America 2023 Part 1 by New Frontier Data.

Cannabis consumers are diverse, with users spread across various age groups, genders, economic brackets, and political affiliations, said Gary Allen, New Frontier Data CEO. With 42% of U.S. adults using cannabis and likely to do so again, and another 15% indicating interest in trying cannabis in the future, acceptance, and receptiveness continues to grow, creating massive opportunities in both new and emerging markets. In Q 1 of 2023, the study found that 42% of American adults have consumed cannabis and plan to do so again. It found that cannabis use decreased among 18- 20-year-olds, but rose among those aged 21-25, 40-44, and 65-plus. The most common reasons people give for cannabis consumption, including relaxation and better sleep, are relaxation and cannabis consumption.

With 94% of consumers reporting improvement in their medical conditions or symptoms after using cannabis, more people are seeking it to treat medical conditions.

The report also found that flower is still the most popular product, with vapes, edibles, and extracts still the most popular. Gummies are the most widely eaten beverage at 84%, followed by cookies or brownies.

Some 74% of Americans live in a state with a legal framework for cannabis, with 48% of individuals living in states that legalize adult recreational marijuana use.

This comprehensive report, which examines the current state of marijuana consumption, can benefit both policymakers, cannabis businesses, and consumers.