Ben Carson says eviction moratorium is being used for political purposes

Ben Carson says eviction moratorium is being used for political purposes

Former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson slammed the Biden Administration's extension of the CDC’s federal eviction moratorium, arguing that it has a negative impact on the economy and moves the U.S. towards a totalitarian government.

A lot of things have changed since the moratorium was first put in place, Carson told FOX Business to Maria Bartiromo on Mornings with Carson Thursday.

We have a vaccine. We have other treatments. There are jobs open to people, he continued. It's a completely different situation and it's being used for political purposes.

Carson's comments come after realtor groups filed a lawsuit this week, claiming they're facing significant financial losses following the most recent extension. The lawsuit further says the CDC caved to a tide of political pressure from outraged Democrats.

The White House imposed the latest eviction ban just days after a nationwide moratorium was extended, infuriating progressive Democrats who warned that millions of Americans could lose their homes.

Money has already been set aside to take care of those landlords. It simply has not been appropriated, Carson said of the funds Congress had approved to rental assistance due to the pandemic.

This is an example of incredible inefficiency on the behalf of the government in order to keep these landlords in great financial shape, Carson continued.

Aber Carson says the bigger issues are the legalities surrounding eviction moratoriums.

The Supreme Court has indicated that it probably is not a constitutional thing. And yet it sounds like the administration wants to go ahead and declare extension anyway, Carson pointed out.

It's a very dangerous precedent, warned He more. You know that we are definitely moving towards a more aggressive, totalitarian-type government.

Carson said the responsibility falls on elected officials to enforce renters' rights and landlords' rights.

Our representatives should encourage us to be aggressive. They have to protect us, Carson pleaded. We have a wonderful constitution. What is it if you don't follow it?