Giant Food warns shoppers of Supply chain strain

Giant Food warns shoppers of Supply chain strain

Store chain Giant Food warned shoppers of the strain on the company's supply chain just one month after he praised his administration's progress in addressing the American supply chain crisis.

Ira Kress, the president of Giant Food, emailed shoppers on Tuesday saying they appreciated the company's patience in the face of the supply chain crisis, as the company works to get its stores stocked.

She wrote in a mass email that as our entire region manages through yet another very challenging period due to the recent weather events and the ongoing effects of the Pandemic, we have had significant strain on our supply chain.

The email continued with BIDEN TOUTS SIGNIFICANT PROGRESS. Please know that we remain 100% committed to serving you, and in providing you the absolute best shopping experience in the market.

Giant Food s email came after the White House lamented Biden's Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force as making significant progress to address the crisis that has left shelves across America bare.

President Biden has been focused on reopening the economy since Day 1, and has taken aggressive action to lower the price of goods and gasoline for Americans, according to the December White House fact sheet, ahead of the president's task force meeting.

The President's Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force has made significant progress to deal with bottlenecks that are rooted in the global pandemic, it claimed.

In the upcoming 2022 election cycle, the supply chain crisis and other economic problems under Biden are likely to play a heavy-handed role.

If economic issues persist, Democrats may be facing problems as they try to keep control of both chambers of Congress despite razor-thin majority.