Intel unveils new high-end graphics chips in laptops

Intel unveils new high-end graphics chips in laptops

Intel Corp., the biggest maker of computer processors, has released a new set of laptop chips and more powerful graphics components for notebooks, stepping up efforts to take on rivals Nvidia Corp. and Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

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The company announced its 12th Generation Core mobile processors in an online presentation on Tuesday for the CES technology conference, including 28 new models that are as much as 40% faster than their predecessors. Intel has also said new Arc graphics chips are being shipped to PC makers, including Acer Inc., Dell Technologies Inc. and HP Inc., which will use them in upcoming machines aimed at gamers.

The Arc chips are Intel's attempt to cut into the dominance of Nvidia and AMD in high-end graphics. More laptops are using add-in graphics cards to bolster their gaming and content creation capabilities, which are increasingly determining customer preferences. Intel chips in the past have only offered graphics built into main microprocessors, typically with less power to generate realistic images.

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