King Salman signs three cooperation Agreements with WHO on Yemen

King Salman signs three cooperation Agreements with WHO on Yemen

King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center Signs Three Cooperation Agreements with WHO to Support Yemeni Health Sector with 15 million USD from the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center.

King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center KSrelief signed three humanitarian aid and relief agreements with the World Health Organization today to support and empower the Yemeni health sector's capabilities, according to the humanitarian response plan for Yemen with a total value of USD 15 million.

The agreements were co-signed by the Advisor at the Royal Court and General Supervisor of KSrelief Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Rabeeah and WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean Dr. Ahmed Al-Mandhari.

The first agreement stipulates boosting and empowering the health sector in Yemen with basic and life-saving medical equipment, and buying laboratory tools and medicines related to treating contagious diseases to support the emergency health response, which is expected to benefit 1.27 million people in several Yemeni governorates with a total value of USD 11.2 million.

The second agreement includes five oxygen stations, providing logistic transport means and training employees of hospitals on the medical gases system and station maintenance, with the aim of increasing the level of preparedness of health facilities in the governorates of Hadramaut, Abyan and Shabwah, and increasing the sustainability of health services. A total of 41,738 individuals are expected to benefit from the agreement, with a total value of USD 1 million.

The strategic partnership between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the WHO dates back to many years and was praised by Dr. Al Rabeeah for signing these three agreements between the KSrelief and the WHO, represented by its regional office. He noted that the KSrelief has collaborated with the WHO in several projects for the benefit of the Yemeni people, which had a big impact in combating several diseases and pandemics, the latest of which is the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been a success story.

For his part, Dr. Al-Mandhari stressed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by the KSrelief, is a main partner to the WHO since several years in supporting various programs that the WHO and other UN agencies, such as the UNICEF, implement in various countries of the world, not only in the region, which has enabled the WHO to save lives across the globe, increase the health level and alleviate the suffering of the needy.

He stated that these three agreements have opened a new chapter of partnership, where WHO seeks to continue this partnership in Yemen, the region and beyond. He added that this partnership has maintained a new health system in terms of financial support, as well as providing medical and medical needs for women handing over kidney dialysis devices and other important equipment.

These agreements are part of a series of humanitarian and aid projects being implemented by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the KSrelief, in partnership with the WHO to develop the Yemeni health sector and improve the level of medical services provided to the Yemeni citizens across the Yemeni governorates.