Japan Considers Legislation to Regulate Generative AI, Following Global Trend

Japan Considers Legislation to Regulate Generative AI, Following Global Trend

Japan Considers Legislation for Generative AI Regulation

The Japanese government is considering legislation to regulate generative artificial intelligence (AI) in response to the growing concerns about the potential risks associated with the technology. This move comes as other countries, including the United States and European Union, have already begun implementing regulations for generative AI.

The government's AI strategy council is expected to compile suggestions for handling generative AI, including the possibility of enacting laws. This follows the release of non-binding guidelines for domestic companies in April. The council will also highlight the potential benefits of generative AI, such as its ability to create documents and images based on vast amounts of data, which could be used to address social issues.

However, the council will also emphasize the risks posed by generative AI, including the spread of misinformation, the development of AI weapons, and the violation of intellectual property rights. These risks could potentially undermine democracy and human rights.

The government's move towards regulation follows similar efforts by other countries. The European Parliament passed an AI Act in March 2023, which will be fully implemented in 2026. The United States, under President Joe Biden, issued a presidential order in October 2023 requiring developers to disclose information about their generative AI technology.

While the EU focuses on protecting individual rights, the US prioritizes self-regulation by developers to avoid hindering the growth of the technology sector. Japan's discussions on regulation will consider the approaches taken by both Western nations.

The government is expected to take into account a draft proposal issued by the ruling Liberal Democratic Party in February and may submit legislation to the Diet as early as next year.