Japan investors buy foreign stocks in July

Japan investors buy foreign stocks in July

Japanese investors purchased heavily in foreign equities in July, as global stocks rebounded last month on the back of positive earnings and hopes of less aggressive monetary tightening measures from the U.S. Federal Reserves.

In July, Japanese investors accumulated a net 1.85 trillion yen worth of overseas equity, the biggest since 2005, according to data from Japan's Ministry of Finance.

The com gfx mkt znpnerzkyvl Japanese 20 investments 20 in 20 overseas 20 assets.jpg U.S. stocks gained 9.1 percent in the last month, as postive forecasts from Apple and Amazon.com showed confidence in companies ability to weather an economic downturn.

The overseas equity buying was led by investment trusts, which bought 755.4 billion yen, while trust banks bought 748.6 billion yen.

66 per cent of the MSCI World index constituents have beaten analysts' forecasts for net income, according to Refinitiv data.

Japanese investors made net sales of 2.54 trillion yen worth of foreign bonds in July, making it a sixth month of net sales due to a decline in U.S. yields.

In June of this year, domestic investors sold 3.88 trillion-yen worth of U.S. bonds and 926.8 billion-yen worth of European bonds, according to data from the Bank of Japan. Japanese investments in US and European assets, https: fingfx.thomsonreuters. com gfx mkt gdvzyowmrpw Japanese 20 investments 20 in 20 US 20 and 20 European 20 assets.jpg